Imglib2 skeleton code




Is there imglib2 code (ops) for skeletonisation?

This looks like it but I could not find an example…

Best, Christian


I know that @gselzer is currently working on creating an ImageJ-Ops directory illustrating each available op with some sample code in a Jupyter/BeakerX notebook.

The current work in progress is available from the op-directory branch of imagej-tutorials.
Here’s the thinning ops example: Ops/morphology/thin.ipynb

EDIT: try it interactively here: Binder


I managed to create skeletons using ops!
Is there also already imglib2 or ops code to analyze them?
(i) Number of branches and (ii) Number of branch-points, (iii) Average Branch length?

Otherwise I guess I could wrap to IJ1 and use code from AnalyzeSkeleton…