ImagJ 1.52P Output file text

Hello Everyone,

I have a question regarding the ImageJ output text file.
I was using imageJ Launcher in windows 7. Now, i need to change the window from windows 7 to windows 10.
As far as my knowledge, the ImageJ Launcher is not compatible with windows 10.
Issue is that the output text file from old version was with two rows. like this:

Slice Count Total area Avergae size %Area Mean
img1 13943 98101.000 7.03 4.36 254.780

But the new version (ImageJ1.52P) showing only one row. (Only the values). not the header file.

Img2 41 8514 207.659 7.304 2555 1321

is ther anyone can help me that how to adjust this issue so that i get 2 rows instead of 1 row in text file.
20190927222902_70598871-4.txt (50 Bytes)

[20190801044047_70590958-2.txt|attachment](upload://pAOs4e5nOsr4h2Dzwjpc9aCvQir.txt) (99 Bytes) 
Please see the difference in the attached file. 

I will be very thankful for your help.

Ahsan Ali

Hi @ahsanali,
Did you check that ‘Copy column headers’ is ticked in Edit>Options>Inut/Output…
I can imagine with the transfer to W10 the prefs file got lost, and this setting with it.


thank you very much. I got it…

But, there is one issue that everytime i have to click there. Because next time i did not get…
Everytime has to go there and click on the option that you guided me.
Is there any other posibility to fix it?

Thanks in Advance

In a macro, precede the export command with this line:


Might ImageJ not be capable of writing its output file due to folder restrictions, maybe?

Yes. I have done it. Now, its looking good.