Images processed in random order


I have a series of cell images labelled ‘…_001.tiff’ — ‘…_119.tiff’. I am unfortunately using the manual object recognition module and it would be convenient if the images were processed in order so that there is a clear time progression that can be easily observed. I used to think that it went by the order in the ‘images’ section. Then I renamed the images to the above scheme. This is not true. It will jump around erratically but still sort of progress forwards. Occasionally it will jump back to somewhere near the beginning of the list.

My question is: is there a naming scheme I can use or anything else that will cause the images to be processed in the order displayed?



I think this “jumping around” is a by-product of our multi-core processing framework in which multiple “workers” get assigned images to process in parallel. This is great if you can process multiple images at once in an automated fasion, however, if you are using a manual module, then I assume you can’t utilize this parallel processing functionality. Try setting the number of workers to 1, rather than the default of the number of CPU cores:
File > Preferences > “Maximum number of workers = 1” (Note: on Mac, the menu is called “CellProfiler” not File)

I believe this will then process them “in order” though I have not tested it. Let us know if this works!