Images opened with Open next can't be analyzed

I’m new to imageJ and ī think I’m missing some of the basics.

I was trying to do a simple colour area measurment on a JPG image using Image->Adjust-> Color Threshold, setting up my color parameters, selecting and measuring. For the first image it works. Then I select Open next. I was expecting I would be able to just keep the Color Threshold window opened and select based on the same settings, but this does not work. Also, if I close the Color Threshold window and try opening it up again on the second image, image deforms (see picture)

What is the issue here? What am I doing wrong, this seems like it should be fairly simple

I tried to replicate any problems by saving the clown sample image multiple times and then using Color Threshold in conjunction with Open next. I did not have any problems.

Could you be more specific with:

What is the problem? Does it not open the image? Or does Color Threshold not work? Are there any error messages?

I can also not replicate the second issue. Would you mind to share the files that produce this error?
I used Imagej 1.53e for this on Ubuntu.

Open next, while keeping the Color Threshold window opened, opens the image allright, however image does not react to Filtered or Select buttons by showing selection, and clicking Measure just gives the total area of image.

Once I close and reopen the Color Threshold window on the image opened by Open next, I get the issue in picture. It does not damage the original file as far as I know. I uploaded one of files I try analysing