Images open twice after "sendto"


quite often I use “sendto” (Windows10, 64bit) to open an image in imageJ without problem. Now I have switched to Fiji and encounter the following: sendto works fine, if Fiji is not yet running. However, if it is already open, the images sent to Fiji are opened twice. This should not be happening.

Why is Fiji starting so much slower than imageJ?


Try to exclude the Fiji installation directory or process from Antivirus realtime protection. Scanning the content of many JAR files may take a long time. On this workstation the startup time decreases from about 45s to 2s when excluding ImageJ-win64.exe from “Windows 10 Virus & thread protection”.

Thank you for the hint.

I am using Sophos and have now excluded the Fiji-plugins from the on-access-scans. However, it did not speed up the launching of Fiji.