ImagePy want to join

Hi Everyone:
ImagePy is a open source software use the experience of ImageJ. But it is a pure python implementation.

May ImagePy join And what need I do?


@yxdragon Thanks for announcing this here! Congratulations on ImagePy—it is looking really awesome these days! :tada:

There are two sorts of “joining” here:

  1. Anyone is welcome to use this forum to discuss their software packages as well as image analysis workflows. The primary mission of this forum is to foster independent learning. As long as you are doing that, discussing ImagePy here is warmly encouraged!

  2. Open-source software projects that want to be included in the navigation bar at the top can become community partners. The only requirements currently are: 1) open source, encouraging independent learning in line with our mission here; and 2) listing as (one of) your primary discussion channels for your software, since a primary goal of this forum is to unify discussion channels rather than fragment them further.

See the FAQ for further details.

Regarding the formal process for being accepted as a community partner: we are still ironing it out. We have an ongoing private thread about this in the Community Forum Team channel (visible to @team members). Up until now, projects have been added upon request by any admin here. Barring any objections from anyone in the meantime, I will add ImagePy to the navigation bar tomorrow, since I think it is an ideal project for inclusion. (As an aside: @etadobson and I are planning to redo the top navigation bar as a dropdown capable of housing many more projects, so that the navigation does not become overcrowded any time soon.)


Added now. Welcome to the forum, ImagePy!


This is fantastic. I look forward to seeing this project develop, and I hope to see ImageJ / ImagePy interoperability in the future.

For anyone else looking, here is a citable publication:

ImagePy: an open-source, Python-based and platform-independent software package for bioimage analysis
Anliang Wang, Xiaolong Yan, Zhijun Wei
Bioinformatics , Volume 34, Issue 18, 15 September 2018, Pages 3238–3240,

Agreed. Should be very doable using the pyimagej package. I was hoping to write an ImagePy plugin adding support for SciJava modules to ImagePy, but I need to get ImagePy working first. :wink:

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ImagePy do a lot work for extending esaily, It supports numpy and pandas directly, not do a wrapper. And use shapely for roi.(a question, why did not ImageJ use JTS for ROI?).

But for a long time, I develop it along, So The code is not very standard, and with few comment, I would make it standard next.

And I am familar with ImageJ, I am glad to writting some demo to support for scijava.

By the way @yxdragon,

I didn’t see any link to this forum on your README. Is there another “front page” for ImagePy?

Just reminding you to not forget about this, since ImagePy is now a community partner, and:

Welcome to the community,

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OK, I will add it in github’s readme soon, (the front page is in Chinese now)



The software might be open-source, the paper is not open access :frowning:

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paper is published on bioinformatics, I do not know if I can upload it on github. Does paper has license?

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