may i ask a question:

  • i would like to multiply an image by a previously calculated measurement value.
  • i would like to subtract a previously calculated measurement value from an image.

is this possible?


Hi Tischi,

Funny you should ask; I was trying to figure that out just this week :smile:

At this point, no, but it’s being worked on since it’s definitely a nice feature to have.

In the meantime, the only workaround I’ve come across is to run two pipelines: one to generate the needed measurements and export them to a spreadsheet, and a second using LoadData with the aformentioned spreadsheet of filenames to load and measurements to apply.

This is definitely not optimal, not just because you need two pipelines but also because RescaleIntensity is the only module currently that allows use of a previous measurement. So unless you can formulate the arithmetic into a formula that involves division by the measurement, you’re stuck. Still, I’ve found the following useful.

  • You can use CalculateMath to do operations on the measurement if you need it in a different form.

  • You can generate an image of ones using ImageMath by multiplying any image by 0 and adding 1 to it. This can then be turned into an image filled with a needed value by using RescaleIntensity appropriately.

Hope this helps (somewhat)!
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