ImageMath won't invert image

I’ve been working on a new pipeline to deal with phase images. I know you have to invert the images using ImageMath. My problem is that the module doesn’t seem to be doing anything to image *. I am attaching the pipeline but all I have so far is LoadImages, ImageMath and IdentifyPrimaryObjects.

Any help would be appreciated
pipeline.cppipe (4.58 KB)*


Nothing looks obviously amiss in the pipeline itself. But there may be an issue with the image itself. Is it grayscale, and not color/RGB? If RGB, use ColorToGray. Feel free to post the image here (possibly needing to ZIP it, if the Forum complains). ImageMath > Invert ought to show the inversion.


Sorry for the late reply. The problem fixed itself when I used it on a different computer. I’m not sure why.

Thank you anyway