ImageMath image naming error

When using the ImageMath module, I am getting an error (red x), because my output image is not “in” my existing images (despite it being an image created by the module. I looked up the problem on Github, but it says there the issue is solved for CellProfiler 3.1.9, but that is the version I am using.

Image_mathissue.cpproj (982.4 KB)


I can reproduce on my machine- this happens sometimes for some reason when CellProfiler auto-fills the box with the alphabetically-first image (in your case, CorrBlue), not entirely certain why. Changing that box to another value (such as CorrGreen) and then changing back to CorrBlue permanently fixes the issue. I’ll update the GH accordingly.

Thanks, that worked!

Hi, another issue: When masking the aligned image, I am getting an error that the boolean does not match up. Do you know what might be the issue?
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 12.42.57 PM

Hi @d.t.bolsh,

Is it possible that your two images are different sizes? If they’re getting cropped for alignment then you might need to apply that same transformation to the images you’re trying to mask.

Making the mask and the image the same size fixed the issue, thank you!

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