ImageJ's "List of update sites" moved to GitHub



As the first step of a plan to make the ImageJ Updater better and safer, the “List of update sites” wiki page has been migrated to GitHub Pages. You can find it here now:

This page is now autogenerated from a sites.yml source, which you can browse at Also autogenerated are XML files for both HTTP (insecure) and HTTPS (secure), in the format needed by the current version of the Updater. In this way, backwards compatibility is maintained with old versions of ImageJ.

From now on, if you want to modify the list of update sites, file a pull request (PR) against the sites.yml file in the imagej/list-of-update-sites repository. When changes happen on the master branch, the GitHub Pages site is automatically regenerated.

The main reason for this change is security: the PR mechanism allows maintainers to review all changes to the list of update sites, and correct any mistakes or errors before they “go live” to all ImageJ users worldwide. Another reason for the change is that it will soon make it possible for ImageJ to serve updates over HTTPS by default, only falling back to HTTP (with a warning!) as a last resort.

The Updater (Help › Update…) should continue working exactly as before. If you encounter errors or issues with it, please reply back here to let us know!