ImageJFX reached beta

ImageJ FX just reached a BETA state where most of common operations are possible on multichannel images.

I invite you to at least check the features on the website :


Hi @cmongis,

After having some issues with the login on the website (No “Forgot password” option!) I downloaded it. I would love try it, the file is called “ImageJ FX” (and not beta), … then, the updater is not working :frowning: It just says “An error occurred during updating”. Configuration of Proxy will not help as we don’t have a proxy here…

I’m running MacOSX 10.10.5 and Java 1.8.0_66 …


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Hello @haesleinhuepf

:sweat_smile: I kind of forgot to change the link of this file and you were downloading the alpha version. I changed the link so now you can download the right version.

Note that the files are bigger because ImageJFX now incorporate it’s own JVM. Also, if anyone downloaded the alpha before, he must redownload the beta because of the change on the updater.

Glad to hear about the progress, @cmongis!

Some colleagues and I played with the code on GitHub the other day (you hopefully saw my pull request?). We noticed that only the first plane of multi-plane images are displayed. Is that accurate? Or did we miss something about how to switch the active plane?

Thanks again for your efforts!

It’s strange and even contrary to your words, but I got this error appeared after I started using proxy (]). The case may be my ISP, or is it a General error?