ImageJ2 Java HowTos


there is a new collection of Java HowTos in the ImageJ tutorials repo with answers to a small collection of questions like “How do I open an image?” or or “How do I draw a circle?” or “How to list all available services?”. The intent is to make it easier for Java developers to create something for ImageJ2. We would :heart: feedback.










user input

In case you like the format, it’s just a start, let’s make it grow!

Which questions are missing?

I made an issue where we can collect unanswered questions, but you can also just answer here in the forum. Also super helpful - a link to a forum post with a topic question / answer which would fit there…

LANGUAGE NOTE: The initial PR had a long discussion about doing this in other formats / script languages -in an ideal world, we would have one code base and generate e.g. groovy-scripts from there, but maybe we can also do this manually as a start? I might volunteer, but it’d be great to have more helping hands. This would open the discussion to the scripting people = a bigger audience and a better test for the usability of the API.

FUTURE GOALS NOTE: Our lab has a prototype to collect these HowTos on a searchable page, but it only makes sense to put more effort into this if it’s really an asset to the community and we jointly improve it.


This looks soo amazing :star_struck: Would you mind sharing a link? Furthermore, is it open source? :upside_down_face:

There is no link, it was just running locally for a test. Here’s the technical idea (not all on github yet):

  • maven plugin for rendering a separate HowTo HTML page for one repository & adding it to the maven artifact as a resource
  • server-site Java collection tool going through hardcoded maven artifacts, looking for HowTo’s, writing them into the database
  • server-site Java API tool providing the HowTo database as a REST service
  • nodejs web client