ImageJ2 format plugin detection

I wrote a simple Format plugin to load a sequence of images in raw, packed 10-bit form.
I developed it on my Linux Fiji setup, where it works fine.
Then I copied the jar over to on a Windows machine where it doesn’t appear to do anything. i.e. when I try to open a file with the right magic in the header I get an unsupported format message. I haven’t seen any messages from the plugin in Plugins->Debug.
Am I missing something?
Any idea how I could tell if it is being loaded?

Hi @pallegro and welcome to the forum!

Any chance you can share the source code of your plugin? That would certainly help troubleshooting.

Sure, I just hadn’t posted it yet because it doesn’t do proper error checking yet.

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How did you build the jar file? Does it actually contain your Java class?

When building with Maven, the package of your class has to correspond to the folder structure inside src/main/java.
As you have:

… you should put your java file into src/main/java/io/scif/formats, or whatever corresponds if you rename the package in the future.