ImageJ2 Command Macro

Hello @imagejan @haesleinhuepf,

I am running a macro where I recorded an IJ2 command.

This works in principle, but after clicking RUN in the macro window I once have to click OK in below window.
Do you know what this could be due to?

Here is the source code for the command:

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Hey @Christian_Tischer,

could you please try removing MESSAGE parameters containing only β€œ\n”?

Greetings from FRA taxi strip :wink:


@Christian_Tischer alternatively, you can try to include something like space03=dummyvalue into your macro call (instead of changing the IJ2 command Java code)…

Here’s the associated issue:

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It turns out that I had to remove the messages completely. Also message strings with e.g. "----\n" would still cause the issue. But removing them altogether did the job! Thank you for your help!

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