ImageJ2 Command Horizontal Line

@imagejan @stelfrich
Is there something to visually break up to Command UI into some sections, maybe just a simple horizontal line? Not important, otherwise I will just use some white space…

Not that I know. Since the parameter framework is UI-agnostic, there’s currently not much functionality for specifically adding UI elements. A separator might be a useful addition, and the widget grouping you suggested in scijava/scijava-common#310 goes in the same direction.

In the meantime, you can create a separating line using a MESSAGE parameter like this:

#@ String (label="Some text input") text1
#@ String (choices={"A", "B", "C"}, label="Please choose") choice1
#@ String (visibility=MESSAGE, value="____________________________________", persist=false) msg
#@ String (label="More text input") text2
#@ String (choices={"D", "E", "F"}, label="Please choose") choice2

Thanks, looks OK enough.

You might have to add persist=false and required=false, as I remember there were some issues with recording and calling via macro/command line…

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One other question/idea:
Is there some default layout for Help and How to cite and Report Issues and Source buttons?
I think much of this can be seen when starting the commands from the search bar.
But maybe it would be something to have according buttons (in one row) at the bottom of each command?