ImageJ1 Issue thresholding 16-bit images



Hi all, hi @Wayne,

I might have encountered an issue regarding the thresholding of 16-bit images.
In my case the following minimal example reproduces this.

run("T1 Head (2.4M, 16-bits)");
run("Duplicate...", " ");
setThreshold(400, 65535);
setOption("BlackBackground", true);
run("Convert to Mask");

The lower threshold set at 400 should lead to the extraction of way less than what is actually extracted.
Testing this by hand shows that the area extracted from 400 to 65535 is minimal.
ImageJ seems to take over the Default threshold in this case.

Any suggestions on this or is it really a bug?


This is a 1.52b regression that is fixed in the current version of ImageJ (1.52c), released on May 20th. To upgrade, use the Help>Update ImageJ command. The Fiji updater appears to be stuck at 1.52b (@ctrueden).


Thanks a lot @Wayne for the prompt solution :grinning:


Together with @imagejan, we got it unstuck; the updater now provides 1.52c.