imageJ window shows different pixel_values for the same image before and after reloading



I use the cursor of the imageJ to see different pixel values of my phantom_image. When I create the phantom and see the pixel values is correct numbers with a lot of negative values but when I save it and reload it via this toolbar I see different and most positive numbers, Although they must be negetive!!!


If I am understanding correctly, what your saying is that you use ImageJ to create an image. You save and reload it and the values have changed? Why do the number need to be negative? What format are you saving it as? Can you upload this image?


Are you saving in TIFF format? Signed 16-bit images may be converted to unsigned (0-65535) if saved in another format (e.g., PNG). They are converted to 8-bits unsigned (0-255) if saved in JPEG format.