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Umm, I knew there were discussions about this before but can I populate wiki pages in again? @frauzufall @ctrueden

Like I had this one: MicrotubuleTracker - ImageJ

and I want to make more, before I would just type a name of the page i wanted in the broswer and that would work, now that doesnt.

Hi @kapoorlab ,

Check this thread if you havn’t already:

Sounds like it’s possible to edit the content by filing a PR (I have not tried myself). You’ll have to decide if you want to be an early adopter :slight_smile:



@bogovicj Oh it looks complicated now, I will try it out and see how that goes. Thanks a lot for help :slight_smile:

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Feedback on how it is too complicated would be helpful. We are doing our best to minimize the complexity, document features (see the guide), and ensure feature parity with the old wiki. Note that you won’t need to file PRs, because as an established editor you have direct write access. So you can just edit through the GitHub web interface if you wish.


Thanks Curtis,

I want to add a front matter page with list of contributors, debuggers, lead and reviewers. How do I do that? Is there a standard template for this like before?

Hi again,

Clicking on the wiki link on imagej net page takes you to actual wikipedia than the imagej wiki :slight_smile: , also once I modify the page on github io how long does it take to be “live” on the wiki?

I believe this changed just recently: the help page is now at:

From the GitHub pages documentation:

Note: It can take up to 20 minutes for changes to your site to publish after you push the changes to GitHub.

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I edited my post above to have the new correct link.

I also updated to have a direct link to the new content, so that people can preview it before switches over.

Hello @imagejan @ctrueden,

I still dont see these changes taken into effect, for example I made a user page some days ago:
User created
not live still:

User page on ImageJ net is missing

Then the wiki on this page is still pointing to wikipedia

Also the other page that I created pages BTrack is still not live Page not live

@kapoorlab The site is the old wiki’s static content, which can (if you must) be edited here.

We are in the process (nearly finished!) of migrating all that content to GitHub Pages. Once that migration is complete, the domain will be pointed at the content—but this has not yet happened.

Note that edits made to the old static content will not be rolled forward to the new site. You would need to add the content yourself to both sites separately. The main reason for editing the old static site would be in case you need<SomePageOfYours> to reflect changes immediately due to e.g. a publication link. This should hopefully be rare.

Therefore, the commit you made created a page at However, I then moved all user pages into /users, because we are in the process of reorganizing the content. So the content you made is now here:

User ›ClaudiaCarabanaGarcia

This is not the final URL though—site is still in flux. I will announce when the site has stabilized, and when it is “going live” via

As for the BTrack page, the link BTrack(Mate) is active, but it seems that GitHub Pages does something weird with it because there is no content: it gets served as application/octet-stream. Is BTrack a new plugin from your group? Note that plugin pages will now live under /plugins/, and all pages will be in small-case-with-dashes, so I’ll be renaming that page to /plugins/btrack some time soon. But you are welcome to populate it with content about your plugin any time.

Yeah, that’s intentional. It’s a link to a page explaining what a wiki is, for people who don’t know. The entire is (was! and will be again!) a wiki; there is no need to have a link “take you to the wiki” from the front page.

I’m currently developing the include template for that. Stay tuned. It will be easiest for you if you extend pom-scijava, and put that information in the developers section of your POM, and publish your releases to a remote Maven repository. Then you’ll be able to simply reference your groupId:artifactId and javascript will auto-populate it for you. But if you don’t want to do that, it will be possible to maintain this information manually on the wiki as well.

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Hi @ctrueden, Thanks I understand it now. I will update my pom with all the contributors. BTrack is indeed a new plugin from the group, I will populate it with content soon and thanks for migrating the new user I created to the user page as well.

Looking forward to seeing it all go live :slight_smile: