ImageJ Wiki page update: Visualization


Hello All -

I recently updated the Visualization page of the ImageJ wiki to summarize for users some of the main visualization and affiliated analysis tools in ImageJ.

The idea is to also do this for other Techniques as well …

Please take a look - edit as you see fit - or let me know what you recommend to change.

Many thanks!

eta :slight_smile:


@etarena, it is great to have all the tools summarized in one place. Thank you!


Thanks @etarena for making the wiki awesome!

The current list mainly focuses on the visualization of 3D (big) data. I think we could also add the following categories of tools:

  • Simple visualization options within a (2D) viewport such as a normal ImageJ window:

  • False-color look-up tables (LUTs)

  • Changing image gamma value (is there any plugin that does so dynamically, without changing the pixel data? apart from ClearVolume)

  • Visualization of non-image data or image-derived data:

    • ImageJ 1.x plot window et al.
    • Quiver Plot
    • Plotting tools available via scripting:
  • Visualization of image and non-image data (a.k.a. Figures):

Do you think it makes sense to include all these on that page, or should we have a more granular separation onto multiple wiki pages? I’ll try my best to contribute with my own wiki edits as time permits.



You are awesome !!! :slight_smile: Let’s just start there.

You are also correct in saying this list mainly focuses on big data and 3D tools. It was motivated from a recent talk by @tpietzsch here at LOCI.

I think you are correct that we should add this information to the same page… I will start to do so - though it may not be pretty in the beginning. I can start to add directly what you have written here and structure things a bit, and hopefully you and others can then refine it a bit later on.

eta :slight_smile:



I started to edit the Visualization page of the wiki according to your input… MUCH has yet to be filled in. I will continue to do so - but at least an outline exists now. If you (and others) are able to make edits - would be great!

So far… page will keep label of WIP at the top - until we are more satisfied with the content.

eta :slight_smile: