ImageJ wiki is read-only

Hi all,

The ImageJ wiki and the update sites are offline for security reasons. We’ll let you know once everything’s back.
Edit: The ImageJ wiki has been restored in read-only mode. We are working as quickly as we can to migrate to a new platform, which will have community edit access.

More details here, and sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi! Does this include download links? Been trying to download for mac OS, but link can’t be accessed

Thanks so much!

The good: I have repaired many services including as well as the update sites (,, So Fiji should be downloadable again.

The bad: and are still down, and will remain down for the next couple of days as we repair and migrate them to new servers. This also means the ImageJ Updater is still nonfunctional for the moment, since it relies on a response from

The ugly: is partially restored thanks to (earlier-than-planned) migration to GitHub Pages. Unfortunately, there are many rough edges not yet fixed, as visitors to that site will likely notice. But at least the main content is present and accounted for; see also the source on GitHub.

I will post another status update here every day until all services are back online.


You can download the latest Fiji version from


That the Updater doesn’t work is unfortunate… Wanted to install a plugin :frowning: There should be a way to manually add the plugin, as one can access, no?

Edit: One has to download the latest file from the plugins folder of the respective plugin site (in my case it was ) and rename the file to have it ending with .jar. Then put it into Fiji’s plugin folder and restart Fiji.


Hey @gedankenexperiment,

you could try downloading the latest ilastik4ij.jar from its update site and put it into Fijis plugins folder.

Otherwise, please be patient. People are working hard on solving the issue. I heard some do it actually while being on vacation. :wink:


Today we redeveloped the web server configuration’s foundation to make it much more maintainable, extensible and secure, and migrated 8 (of 38) sites to the new infrastructure. The and sites are still down; I expect to have them back online before the end of the week. Will keep everyone posted as things progress.


I even learned yesterday from @esgomezm, that you can drag and drop jars onto the imagej gui! No need to locate the plugins folder and all (especially interesting for mac users I suppose).


As always. You realize how important a resource is, when it is down!

I was searching for some information on colocalization and run into a warning on connecting to

Hope you can solve all issues! Thanks for all the hidden work and the hints here to circumvent some of the issues! I’ll be patient.

Good luck,


Today I migrated the last 4 sites from our oldest web server, then wiped it and installed an upgraded OS. Tomorrow I’ll begin migrating there.


There also seems to be a redirecting problem, when e.g. following this link to scripting trackmate on this page, you bounce back and forth between and (if I noticed well). Any chance to show a ‘Under Maintenance’ front page?

Is this why the sample data for data processing (OpenSPIM_Drosophila_10tp.ome.tiff.tar.gz) is not available anymore?

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Today we reworked our email configuration so all servers can send notifications in response to system events without opening up any external access. We also finished preparing the new box to accommodate the needed sites space-wise (I learned about LVM—it’s pretty rad). No additional sites migrated today, but I expect more substantial progress tomorrow. For the sites that remain down, we’ll look into setting up maintenance notification pages as suggested by @eljonco. Along those lines, it may be feasible to get the Updater work again more quickly by reinstating the rules it needs, without involving the MediaWiki installation.


This is happening with all the plugins. It seems like a server problem, because all the links in the page are down:


When websites are down you can also go for a cached view from google:

Then you usually have access to the text version of the website.


I am having trouble getting Kappa update on my fiji. Is there any way I could access Kappa through imageJ or Fiji?

Thanks in advance,

@Preetika What do you mean by “access Kappa”? open the plugin or install it?

Installing it. I am following the directions here