ImageJ wiki is back! BUT RESET YOUR PASSWORD

Continuing the discussion from About ImageJ wiki upgrading:

Status update! The wiki is back! :gift: :fireworks: :heart_exclamation:


The reason for the extended downtime is that there was evidence the machine running the wiki may have been compromised. We are waiting on forensic analysis to determine if that is really the case.

Hence, for security reasons, we have reset EVERYONE’s passwords. You will need to visit the Password Reset page to set a new password for your account. We strongly recommend that you do not reuse your old password. We do not know whether any passwords were compromised, but we are proceeding under the assumption that they were.


  • The multiline LaTeX feature has finally been fixed, so pages like Integral Image Filters render correctly again. (Sorry that was broken for so long, @axtimwalde.)
  • The Tabs extension is now working (see e.g. Eclipse). (For you, @hinerm!)
  • All embedded YouTube videos now use the Widgets extension.

Loose ends

There are still some loose ends, which we will address in coming days:

  • Fiji’s BugZilla issue tracker is still down. We will be retiring that service, but will archive all the old bugs for posterity next week.
  • The top menu bar (About, News, Events, Source, Status, Help) is missing/nonfunctional.
  • The old FLVPlayer extension was disabled, and so embedded FLV videos (e.g., Simple Neurite Tracer: Introductory Screencast) are not displayed properly. We are exploring the best way to restore/adapt this feature.
  • The <source> tags do not set the overflow anymore, due to a change in syntax highlighting extension; see e.g. Eclipse#Running_and_debugging.
  • The VisualEditor extension is still not working (it worked for a time on, but never worked on—I was hoping to fix that, but there are still some technical hurdles to overcome relating to the parsoid service on our new server).
  • The usage maps are currently broken in several different ways. It has been on our list to fix them for a long time now, but doing so is rather involved. We will keep working on it though!
  • We still want to migrate the ImageJ user guide to the wiki (@tferr); we will explore doing that later this year, including the best way to support exporting it as a PDF.

Lastly: please LET US KNOW if you notice anything else not working as it should, and we will investigate!

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR PATIENCE! :pray: :sparkling_heart:


Dear Dr. Ctrueden,
I am very glad to hear that ImageJ wiki is back and its status is updated! This means that I can surf the website better. Thank you for your hard work!:rose::apple::love_letter:
Best regards,
Yang Ke


Hi @ctrueden,

I wanted to change the password for my update-site as well, but that link appears dead:

It is linked from the wiki-page about update sites

Is there a new link for changing the update-site-password?


That link works for me. Does it appear if you force-refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R)? Or open in a different browser?

Hi @ctrueden,

we just tried here on MacOS (Firefox, Safari) and Windows (Firefox) from the Institutes Internet. I furthermore tried Firefox on Android via Mobile internet. All not working. :frowning:

I will try from home as well but a bit later…

Thanks for the support!


Addendum: A bit more precise: A white blank page opens without any error message. The source of that page is empty as well.

@haesleinhuepf There is an internal server error in the SpecialChangeUploadPassword extension:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method User::getSkin() in .../extensions/SpecialChangeUploadPassword/ChangeUploadPassword.php on line 56

I am working on fixing it now.

@haesleinhuepf Can you please try again? I fixed the broken code.

However, that code only triggered when accessing that page as an unauthenticated user. Are you logged in before you visit it? You will need to be logged in to change your password.

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@ctrueden works like a charm! :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing

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