ImageJ updater issue

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Does one of you maybe know what I could be doing wrong in order to get this error when trying to upload to my update site?

I know I have discussed this with people in the past (e.g. @tinevez, as well as @bhoeckendorf via private mails, and at least once on Gitter), but I am not having success finding public records right now. I am nearly certain at least one issue already exists somewhere, but I cannot find it.

@Christian_Tischer Please file an issue for it at

IIRC, what we concluded previously is:

  1. It seems to be a function of the local network environment. For example, people at Janelia Research Campus cannot upload from the JRC network, receiving this error “Failed to retrieve OPTIONS for WebvDAV actions”, but from other networks it works.

  2. In the past I was able to replicate the error if I try to upload over HTTPS rather than HTTP. Obviously, this is a major concern, since we need uploads to be secure.

I dug into the code many months ago, but cannot recall if I concluded anything useful.

In any case, the issue will hopefully help us to have a consistent place to collect all information about this problem.

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For what it is worth, I can confirm that in my case it is down to the local network environment. I have to leave my workplace network to be able to upload updates. See also this thread:

Good luck. Hope you can figure it out.

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I also realize now that this was an old problem that has been posted beore:

Http works

Https does not work (for me)

( Downloading a new Fiji it somehow changed from http to https and I did not realise )

…related to that: Could it be that the syntax of the CL Updater changed?

It used to be possible to write this:

/Applications/ --update edit-update-site EMBL-CBA "webdav:EMBL-CBA:password"

But now this syntax throws an error:

[ERROR] Usage: edit-update-site <name> <url> [<host> <upload-directory>]

Hello all,

I’m not sure if it is related but I’m sitting in a computer class room where 30 freshly installed show this message when starting up:

However, when I go to the Manage Update Site dialog, it looks like this:

Does anybody know, what’s wrong here?



Getting closer to fixing the HTTPS upload issue (still experiencing errors though).


I had a close look at our uploading test and there are some issues, see link below. This might be the reason why one could think uploading via HTTPS is working. If anyone actually really managed to do so - I would love to see how. But I am working on a solution.

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