ImageJ Update Schedule

My maven pom currently uses the following dependency for ImageJ1


There is a new daily build fo ImageJ 1.53a5 that Wayne Rasband posted that has a new feature I require. How long does it take for the central maven repository to get updated with the latest ImageJ1 OR is there another dependency I can use to gain access to version 1.53a5?

Many thanks – Michael Ellis

Hi. Just update to the daily build via Help>Update ImageJ… then select “daily build”. The current one is 1.53a13.

Unless I am missing something that just updates my local ij.jar. What I am after is to be able to use the maven dependency mechanism in my application pom so I do not have to worry about keeping a local copy of the ij.jar manually.

It’s a question of whether there is access via the maven central repository to daily builds of ImageJ1 or perhaps when there will be a next full 1.53 release that makes it into the central maven repository.

Sorry if I am asking dumb questions a bit new to maven and this forum.

I have also fund the (thanks Herbie and have cloned that for now though it would be nice to just have a simple maven dependency.

It’s probably just a matter of me being patient!

Ah, sorry I misunderstood your question. I have no idea, I also cloned the github repository an run a script file every so often (I use linux) to update both the jar file and the repo.

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