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I am trying to fill in the ‘InfoBox’ of an ImageJ site and am having couple of questions:

  • What am I supposed to fill in the software field?
  • Can I add contributor(s)?
  • Do I already have a user name (e.g. ChristianTischer)? I am not sure :slight_smile: I just have an EMBL-CBA account, maybe I should also make a Christian Tischer account?

Thanks a lot!

| software               = BigDataProcessor
| name                   = BigDataProcessor 
| update site            = EMBL-CBA
| author                 = Christian Tischer
| maintainer             = Christian Tischer
| source                 = {{GitHub|org=embl-cba|repo=fiji-plugin-bigDataProcessor}}


I think the original idea was that contents of the Infobox for your plugin will be generated automatically from the metadata in your pom.xml. @ctrueden might be able to point you to some script he was using to do that. (Ideally, the plugin infoboxes on the wiki would automatically be updated at each release as part of the continuous integration build process.

You can have a look at the other pages using the Template:Infobox (via the What links here? link at the bottom of each wiki page):

There an account Tischi that was created on March 7, 2017. Maybe that was you?? :wink:

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Thanks, but still not very clear to me what the distinction between name and software is. Seems like others are confused as well:

Yep, that’s what we want. But hasn’t been hooked up yet.

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