ImageJ Server remote Macro execution



Hello everyone,

I’d like to execute a macro remotely using the ImageJ Server. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t find any applicable ImageJ2 call for executing macros. ImageJ1 provides a method for running macros ij.macro.MacroRunner, however its ImageJ Server representation legacy:ij.plugin.Macro_Runner does not have any inputs or outputs. What would be the best way to implement such call? Create a new ImageJ2 plugin acting as a wrapper through the LegacyService? Or modify the ImageJ Server “legacy calls” to accept String arguments for ImageJ1 calls?

Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated.


Run the macro using the net.imagej.server.external.ScriptEval module. Try ij1 or IJ1 Macro for the language. Be warned that running macros headless has many limitations: for example, you cannot use the ROI Manager. I would use the --ij2 --headless --run command line syntax to test it out locally before trying to use it via client-server mechanism.