ImageJ rotating my images

I’ve rotated images I have of water droplets so that they are upside-down, but when I load them into ImageJ they appear un-rotated? Is there a way to fix this issue?

Hi v-haavisto,

A couple of options:

  • Image > Transform > Rotate 90 Degrees Right ( do this twice)
  • Image > Transform > Rotate... and set 180
  • Image > Transform > Flip Vertical (not quite you asked for but may suffice)
  • Image > Transform > Flip Vertical and then Flip Horizontal

Thank you! It flips the image right back after the points analysis, but I don’t think it’s affecting the measurements?

No worries.

If you need to automate processing directories full of images look into the macro language.

A very simple template for process a directories of files would be

dir = getDirectory("Choose a directory");
files = getFileList(dir);

	run("Flip Horizontally");
	run("Flip Vertically");
	// process comands
	filename = File.nameWithoutExtension;