ImageJ "Point Tool..." advancing to next channel, not next timeframe

Dear all,

I’m trying to use the Multi-point-Tool to annotate some images with 3 dimensions x, y and time.

I am using the
“auto-next slize” function and “add to ROI Manager”. But when I press the image to select a point it advances to the next channel, not to the next timepoint like i would like.

// Please check out this minimal example

// Open example image
run(“Mitosis (5D stack)”);
run(“Z Project…”, “projection=[Max Intensity] all”);

// Run point tool
run(“Point Tool…”, “type=Hybrid color=Yellow size=Small auto-next add”);

// Now manually mark some points in the cell
// For each click, the channel is advanced by one
// I want time to advance by one point instead of channel

// Workaround
run(“Re-order Hyperstack …”, “channels=[Frames (t)] slices=[Slices (z)] frames=[Channels (c)]”);
// This workaround that does the job for now, but the ROI now has the wrong dimentions annotated, and I can not show composite images and annotate based on both channels

Thanks for any advice


Can confirm same behavior, Point tool cycles through the first free dimension, channels, rather than Zslices or time. Changing the channels to “1” and Z to 10 causes it to start cycling through the second free dimension, Z.

Not sure what the “right” choice would be for an auto-next slice when there is Z and T, but I would guess most users would not want C.

Might be something for @Wayne to take a look at when he has time?

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This bug is fixed in the ImageJ 1.53k1 daily build.