ImageJ plugin with new Eclipse macro editor released

I released a new version of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin which now bundles ImageJ (version 1.51p) with a full featured Eclipse editor for the macro language of ImageJ.

Added features of the editor:

  • Dynamic error detection (grammar derived from the ECMA grammar by Bart Kiers)
  • Toolbar action to execute ImageJ macros
  • Syntax highlightening
  • Debugging support (reusing and implementing interfaces and methods from @Wayne - same keyboard shortcuts - see animation below)
  • Code completion (with browser help)
  • Code templates (add you own templates)
  • Info popups (text hoover)
  • Outline view (var variables, variables, methods and macros)
  • Automatic closing of braces, parentheses and strings
  • Automatic indention of functions,loops, etc.
  • Code folding
  • Code formatting (based on the Eclipse-javascript-formatter by Sebastian Moran)
  • Resize fonts functions (with Ctrl++ or CMD++, CTRL± or CMD ±)
  • Font preferences
  • Mark occurences (scope independant)
  • A copy function for this forum (simply adding javascript tags which I often forget;-))

The screenshots below depict the hoover display, code completion and syntax error detection of the editor.

The animation below demonstrates the debugging support in the editor (same keys as in the ImageJ edtitor)

In addition:

A new perspective is available to create and edit macros (see screenshot below):

A wizard to create ImageJ macros (*.ijm files - first create a general Eclipse project!)

Preferences to enable/disable features or create templates:

Context menu:


To install the plugin the latest Eclipse Java version 4.7 (Oxygen) is required (I tested this plugin with 4.7).
Open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site:

The plugin is now also availabe from the Eclipse Marketplace Client:

Help->Eclipse Marketplace… (search for ImageJ)

Please note:

This is the first version of the editor and there is room for improvements (e.g., grammar detection). If you find some bugs or if you have a feature request use the Github issue tracker.

Github repository for the plugin (sources):


Added a minor update which fixes a bug in Linux (code completion line separators) and added a lot missing code completion templates from:

To update just check for updates in Eclipse: Help->Check for updates

Screenshot below with Darkest Dark Theme: