ImageJ plugin with Eclipse macro editor updated



I released a new version of the ImageJ plugin which comes bundled with a feature complete ImageJ macro editor.

For an overview of the plugin please consult the github page:

Release notes:

  • Updated ImageJ plugin to version 1.51.s24
  • Code completion (templates) action now displays the macro documentation when typing
  • Code completion context information improved
  • Images from macros are now opened fast (before had a 2s delay because of a missing attribute)
  • MacOSX extra menu disabled (avoids a cluttered menu)
  • Macros can now be executed within an external ImageJ instance in a separate Java process (if enabled in the preferences - see screenshot 2 below). Tested on Windows only!
  • Added JavaFX library reference for Java9

Screenshot (improved code completion):

To start a macro within an external ImageJ process (your local ImageJ application) just adjust the ImageJ launcher path in the preferences and enable the execution (see screenshot below).

The external ImageJ process can be terminated within the progress view or by closing the application.


To install the plugin the latest Eclipse Java version 4.7 (Oxygen) is required (I tested this plugin with 4.7.1a). Open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site:

The plugin is also availabe from the Eclipse Marketplace Client:

Help->Eclipse Marketplaceā€¦ (search for ImageJ)