ImageJ Plot intensity of two channels

Hello all,

We have a tif file that contains 73 images (sequence) that has two channels. Red and Green. We want to use the second channel with the threshold as a mask and then plot the intensity of the two channels over time.

We had managed to do it some time ago but for some reason it is not working right now. What we are doing right now is:

Image->Color->Split channels
Select red channel -> Apply threshold
Convert to mask
Image->Color->Merge channels
Image->Stacks->Plot Z-axis profile

Iā€™m not sure the sequence of actions is correct. Any idea on how to do this? The end result was a plot that had the intensity of each channel as a line on the same window.

It would help if you could provide a small macro that reproduces the problem. It can use the two channel Confocal Series sample image (File>Open Samples>Confocal Series) as input.

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