ImageJ options not saved

I am using FIJI (ImageJ) on Big Sur. After years of trouble-free IJ use, it is quite a pain on Big Sur

The interface is a mess and i lose the icons as new tabs open from images or analysis and resize to the size of the top menu bar (with no icons anymore - they disappear when i open an image)

I find i can get around this by moving to separate windows for everything(how it used to run before the tabbed interface) if I edit-options-apprearence-IJ Window always on top

BUT this setting is lost the next time i start FIJI. :frowning:

How can i get it to remember the setting?

PS I have finally given up trying to get Java 6 installed after 5 weeks of trying - it is java Version “whatever version Apple forced on me”


To overcome this, run Edit>Options>Startup… and paste the following at the bottom of text area:

eval("js", "IJ.getInstance().setAlwaysOnTop(true);")

The problem with ImageJ windows opening in tabs on macOS Big Sur can be fixed by going to System Preferences>General and changing “Prefer Tabs:” from “always” to “in full screen” (the default) or “never”.

ImageJ and Fiji distributions include Java so there is no need to separately install Java. You are probably getting the “Java 6 required” message because macOS path randomization is in effect. To disable path randomization, drag ( to another folder and then (optionally) drag it back.

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