ImageJ Ops GUI?


I was wondering whether the long term plan is to have the ImageJ Ops also accessible from the ImageJ GUI and then also have some “Macro Recorder”-like option to get the (jython) commands for combining them into a workflow?!

I think this would be very good as an entry point for less experienced users. I am also thinking about running courses on image analysis where one typically starts with the GUI and then introduces the scripting as a second step.

Yes. Try the Ops Browser, currently available as a preview from the Hinerm update site. It lets you browse the ops, launch them, and grab code snippets for executing them from a script. We want to expand on these ideas in the future, as well as better integrate it with the Script Editor.


Thanks for the tip.
I tried adding to the update sites, however then my Fiji crashes upon starting (win64).

This was due to breaking changes in one of the libraries served on the Hinerm update site. I fixed it for now, and will try to fully reconcile this feature with the main update sites soon.

You can either start over from a fresh Fiji, or fix your existing installation by manually replacing the SNAPSHOT scijava-common.jar in the directory with this version.

Thanks for letting me know about the breakage!


Hi Mark,
Thanks for fixing it!
I can wait until this becomes a feature of the main update site.
If you could post in this thread when this is the case, that’d be nice :slight_smile: