ImageJ_Ops Download?

I need to deconvolve some data and I’d like to try ImageJ Ops. I went to GitHub and downloaded the latest release of ImageJ Ops, but was disappointed to find only the source code. For the code illiterate, is there a place where I can download a fully functional FIJI or ImageJ Ops? Thank you for your consideration.


You can call Ops in the Script Edtior in Fiji… which you can download here. Download and install Fiji… open the Script Editor (File > New > Script…)… and then you can look in the Templates > Deconvolution section for some script examples to follow. :slight_smile:

Too - when searching for Ops… you can explore directly in Fiji using Plugins > Utilities > Find Ops…. That might be helpful down-the-road for you as well.

You can also search here on the forum for folks asking questions regarding ImageJ Ops and Deconvolution - searching here is also a great resource.

Hope this helps get you started! And if you have more specific questions - ask. We are all here to help.

I went to Plugins > Utilities > Find Ops and the attached window came up:

I am at a loss here. I clicked on deconvolve and nothing happened. How do I access the functions of the Ops plugins? Thank you for your help.



Double click it to get the info… you can look at this page on the wiki:

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