ImageJ on Windows Surface Pro 4



I am having troubles getting going with ImageJ on Microsoft Surface Pro4 ( 64 bit Windows 10 Pro, Intel i5 cpu).

The software seems to install OK, I can open it , but when I try to open an image, both the image, and the ImageJ control window instantly minimizes.

I tried both downloads, with Java 1.6.0, and 1.8.0

Any suggestions ?


Try enabling the “Use JFileChooser to open/save” in the Edit>Options>Input/Output dialog. There is a bug in the Windows 10 Creators Update that can cause the native file open dialog to freeze.



Thanks for the suggestion. This setting didn’t affect the problem I am seeing.


Problem solved - ImageJ works fine as long as Surface Pro not in tablet mode.


since ImageJ only works when the surface pro is NOT in tablet mode, does this mean that you cannot use it with a stylus?
i’m looking at purchasing a tablet to use with imageJ and would like to be able to precision trace areas of interest using a stylus (instead of using a mouse)


You can use ImageJ with a stylus on a Surface Pro but parallax (distance between the stylus tip and the cursor) is a problem and ImageJ is unexpectedly slow. I suspect a Mac laptop with a Wacom tablet would work better for tracing objects of interest.