ImageJ OMERO plugins shows password in log window

Hi everyone.

After trying to open an image stored in the OMERO server with ImageJ, i noticed that the user’s password was revealed in the log window.
After some research, i found that this problem is known (Omero ImageJ plugin shows password in log window) and limited to the client machine (, but is there a way, or a quick fix i can make to avoid that?

Best regards, Marc.

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@mmongy I don’t have a fix, but just to say that it looks like they have resolved this issue for the next release, although it looks like the actual release way be some time away.

As @quantixed indicated there is no workaround, we have now fixed the error and we will have to release several packages including Bio-Formats.
We will have to release Bio-Formats 6.5.1 first (we are doing the final check) and make it available from when ready.

We will not be able to make Bio-Formats 6.5.1 available via the Java-8 update site for Fiji users until we have the green light that it is safe to use it again, following the recent security incident (see cc @ctrueden

It means that combining the coming Bio-Formats 6.5.1 and the coming OMERO.insight-ij 5.5.12 plugin will require few more steps and potentially removing manually some jars.

We will announce when everything is available with instructions on how to update.


We have released today a new version of the plugin

Depending on the version of Bio-Formats you have installed, you might have to remove manually jars prior to version 6.5.1



:green_circle: Please upload at your convenience!

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The Bio-Formats 6.5.1 release should now be available via the Java-8 update site for FIJI users