Imagej-omero isn't working with scifio 0.41.0

Hi all,

while this was working a while ago. i now run into issues once again.
I get an unresolvable source error.
caused by:

I checked, the version of io.scif has been updated since from 0.37.3 to 0.41.0.
If i revert back it all works fine again. But since this is not an ideal situation if people want to actually update this from the plugin site. I would like to know what has changed.

Apparently the way the string is constructed that will be converted to an url has changed.
Could someone enlighten me?


I think the error originates from the transition from using a string to a URILocation. Could someone help me out. I was using the omeroservice to run the downloadimage command

Is this possibly related to @ctrueden?

It definitely could be, i also get a unresolvable source error

Unresolvable source:

Could there be something wrong with the string that was created?

It is a, caused by

btw. it works fine if i replace the scifio 0.41.0 with 0.37.3. But i don’t think that is a sustainable solution

Sorry, ImageJ-OMERO has not yet been updated to work with pom-scijava 29. That means it won’t work with the current Fiji distribution. It’s on my list to address it, hopefully as part of pom-scijava 30.

Any idea on when that will happen?

As for now i’ll make a manual to revert back to 0.37.3
Thanks for letting me know this is not an issue on my side


@Joost_Willemse1 I spoke with @hinerm and he’s going to work on it during the first half of this month! We’ll keep everyone posted.