ImageJ + Olympus Plugin open with RGB Color mode got error

When I use ImageJ + Olympus Plugin to open a vsi file, and choose the RGB color mode, an error has happened. Details please refer to the following Github link (Doc112.docx)

Any feedback on this ??? Urgent !

Any feedback ! It is too long now !

Any commands from ImageJ staff as this is a problem one week ago but without any feedback !!!

Hey @huitikho,

unfortunately, there is no “ImageJ staff”. We’re all just volunteers of the open source community.

I had a quick look at your issue and would have three recommendations: 1) Try to open the file with BioFormats. 2) I assume the file comes from some Olympus software. Does this software allow exporting images in other file formats? 3) If you want to have anyone taking a look at your file, please provide it. Also feel free to post screenshots directly here in the forum. That makes it easier for others to respond.

Let us know if that helps!



Dear @huitikho,

As robert said, we are not staff, just volunteers, who are happy to help as long as it is within our expertise and our time.
Considering you have made several posts regarding these issues here.

The last one, answered by me (:slight_smile:) still had no reply from your part, while at the same time you’re requesting a response on the current topic.

Please be constructive and respectful of this forum and it’s members.

Best of luck