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I would like to add a small supplement to
and I am unsure if it will be (possible or) easier to create an account and modify the content directly or if one of the contributors can add it in case its interesting enough.

I am talking about topic
2.4 Testing your plugin in an existing installation

During development of plugins or projects it is annoying to copy jar files manually to plugins folder after every build. Since I want to avoid using option Option 2 (2.4.2 Option 2: Install dependencies) to not modify the existing installation to much I use the following section in the plugins/project pom file to copy just the corresponding jar file into an existing installation during Maven build. Maybe that’s helpful for others too.

              <!--  e.g.: D:\devHome\fiji -->
                  <!--  e.g.: D:\devHome\ijplugin1 -->

In case of interest this could be added as a hint in section 2.4.1 Option 1: Copying the jar.

What is the procedure to discuss related suggestion like that?




It is a wiki - so I would say go ahead and add your contribution directly. Just notify us here when you do… those of us who have accounts on the ImageJ wiki will see your changes…

We love it when folks contribute! That’s what it’s all about in the end… helping each other as much as we can.