ImageJ: Multiple pictures at different magnification at the same time!



Hi all,
I’m new to ImageJ, I only have few experience just with basic operation.
I have recently started a PhD in Geology and i need to analyse crystals and vesicles in rocks. I have pictures at different magnification (thin section scan and SEM photos at 25x and 100x).
First of all I will process all the pictures with photoshop, overlaying each element with a different grayscale color.
My question is:

Is it possible to analyse with ImageJ particles from multiple pictures at different magnification (so having a different scale)? if yes, how?

Thank you :slight_smile:



Welcome to ImageJ and it’s Forum!

I’m glad to hear you are interested in using ImageJ in your work. To start - the quick answer to your question is ‘yes’!! I will refer you to this previous post of helpful links I gave to another newbie to ImageJ:

Also - I would avoid Photoshop completely. ImageJ is designed for scientific imaging - and that includes reproducibility in your work. ImageJ can do overlays, etc. So just stick with it for all your analysis needs… it’s safer and more robust in the long run.

Hope this helps! When/if you have more specific analysis/workflow questions - just post again.

eta :slight_smile:


Thank you, I appreciate it.
I don’t think i can avoid photoshop because my pictures are quite messy, with shades and irregular objects. Moreover i have to distinguish between objects with the same color. Here an example!




Trust me on this one - avoid Photoshop at all costs !!! Just go through those links that I posted - you will see that ImageJ can handle what you need.



I See!
I figured out how to use the software, thanks!
The only things is that I don’t know how to set a different scale for each pictures at the same time!

Thank you