ImageJ multiple phases help

Good evening all,

I am new to using imageJ, I’m having abit of a problem. I have images like the one posted. Looking at this image you can see the matrix, then a sort of golden color, then two other grey shades.

I am after trying to quantify the volume fraction of these different phase. When i use imageJ I can’t seem to be able to pick out the different phases. Can somebody advise the best way to define between the different phase?

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can somebody suggest some thing that can help me use imageJ to find the volume fraction of each phase


Read this:(It is a bright background image.=


Thank you for getting back to me? I have kinda three options to get a darker image.
Etch (not sure it will work, as very hard to etch laves phase)
SEM Backscatter
Or try and get an image using dark field, again may need etching?

What would you suggest using?

Regards James


Can you locate me: - the yellow-gold

  • gray 1,
  • gray 2

I don’t really know what your asking?.

If you are talking about the image, I can find the carbides (gold). The darker grey, but won’t show the light grey, or already I don’t know how to show it.

Regards Jamez


A treatment allowed me to obtain this:

Can it be okay?

Better than what I can get, how did you get the two different colours?