ImageJ Memory Issue

Hello all, I am having issues with ImageJ, one that cannot be found on the FAQ. My computer is very beefy, windows 64 bit, 16GB RAM, lots of storage and a super fast processor. Yet Fiji keeps running out of memory on small files and it isn’t using the memory I set aside for it in the settings. I have gone to edit>options>memory & threads. No matter what I set the value to, (as small as 600mB or as high as 5gB [which I have 8 available]) I still get the following error messages.

<All available memory (494MB) has been>

<used. To make more available, use the>

Options>Memory & Threads command.>

The images open just fine, but there are 151 images in the stack, and I only get about 69-119 at most open up. How can I alter Fiji to actually use the RAM i’m telling it to use?

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Hey @Christopher_H,

as you have 16000 MB available, you could enter e.g. 12000 in Edit > Options > Threads. I assume you restarted Fiji after changing that value? Last but not least: When does the error show up? While opening your image or while processing it?

I hope that helps.


Yes, I have closed and re-opened fiji after changing the value each time. When the image is opening up it doesnt take very long- maybe 1 second, and pops up that ‘out of memory’ error message alongside the stack with fewer images than it really has.

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And how large are the images? Can you maybe share some?

The images themselves aren’t large, perhaps 3-400 MB. I just freshly installed Fiji however and so far I am encountering no issues. When I get around to my larger files (upwards of 1GB) I will reassess but for now whatever was wrong may have been in an older version of Fiji. I appreciate your time and will get back if I encounter issues in the future.

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