ImageJ measurements values



I am extracting most of the parameters from ImageJ Set Measurements. I am also including GLCM features. Is there any way where I can cross-check if these are actually the right values? Are there any tools available online?



Hi @kbimagej,

quick counter question: what is GLCM? Furthermore, what in detail do you want to cross-check against what?

In general, I would say any kind of automatic processing/measurement (independent from ImageJ) should be checked carefully, at least for plausibility. E.g. if you automatically measure some area in microns, you should manually measure size of some sample objects and check if the automatically determined area is reasonable. Furthermore, cross-checking between tools (e.g. CellProfiler versus Fiji) appears a good approach as well. I would not expect them to deliver equivalent values but they should show the same tendency. However, how such a check can be achieved depends on what you are measuring, with which methods and the samples being investigated. Thus, if you could go a bit more in detail, we might point you in the right direction…