ImageJ macro to exit imagaJ process?

I’m calling imageJ from command line with a macro file as argument to run.

“D:\GreenSoft\\ImageJ-win64.exe” (–headless) -macro “D:\QMDownload\4\CDF34_tif-new\CDF34_tif-new.ijm”

Usually I attach --headless so that no imageJ panel appeared, and imageJ process quit after finished.

However , this time I cannot attach --headless because the plugin I am calling cast error in headless mode.

Without headless, the ImageJ panel appeared after calling from system. After running macro, the panel does not exit, thus blocking the system calling.

Is there a macro command that let ImageJ quit?
Or is there other ways to quit ImageJ after running macro? such as calling system command "taskkill " from Macro?

Got it.