ImageJ macro out of memory

Dear All,

I have written a macro in imageJ/Fiji and am running a terminal command through python code to go through multiple images, analyze them and produce and save results in their respective folders. When I run through some of the images, I get such message.
Can you please help me.

the command line that I am using is:

java -jar /Applications/ -ijpath /Applications/ -macro /Users/erikagedvilaite/Desktop/Wings_Controls/MS1096_25C_wVDRC_females/1151027_023/macro.ijm

error mesage given by imagej in “log” window

<Out of memory>
<All available memory (123MB) has been>
<used. To make more available, use the>
<Edit>Options>Memory & Threads command.>

Have a look at the Java options to increase the memory allocated to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).


In addition to @imagejan’s suggestion: if you use the ImageJ launcher instead of java -jar, the amount of memory is detected and set automatically, to avoid this problem.

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Thank you very much for all of the help.