ImageJ loads TIFF files incorrectly when TIFFTAG_PREDICTOR is present

I have some TIFF images containing 32 bit floating point data, which have the TIFFTAG_PREDICTOR field set in the header. ImageJ 1.53c opens them without complaint, but the values are corrupted. Saving the same data without that tag solves the issue, but a silent failure like that is less than ideal.
rnd_comp.tif (305.1 KB)

Same image without TIFFTAG_PREDICTOR:
rnd.tif (256.2 KB)

The ImageJ 1.53h59 daily build displays “TiffDecoder: unsupported predictor value of 3” in the Log window when you open a TIFF file with a PREDICTOR value of 3 (Floating point horizontal differencing). Bio-Formats throws an exception when you open one of these files.

Thanks, that’s nice to hear. I just checked 1.53g, which still behaves the same as 1.53c.