ImageJ line numbering and style

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can I change the actual thickness of a line and the size of its numbering?

I know the thickness tool but it makes the thicker part transparent and I want to have a thick small line.

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You can modify this by:
Edit > Selection > Properties
But this works only after you made the selection.
You can also do this to selections in the ROI Manager.
But you need to press update to save the modified selection setting.

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Thank you for your reply. This is a good solution. Do I get you right that I always need to save my lines as selection before I can change the thickness?

Only if you want to have multiple lines. With one line this is not necessary.

I would add it to the ROI Manager. Its the most transparent solution.
Alternatively you can add the selection to the overlay:
Image > Overlay > Add Selection…

Thank you for both your hints.

For completeness specified in this reply:

Once the selection is within the ROI Manger you can then change line thickness and font size of the label:

Add selection to ROI Manager using [t] or
Analyze > Tools > ROI Manager > Add [t]
Change line thickness: Properties button.
Change Font Size of label: More > Labels…

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Thank you very much for helping me!

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