ImageJ Issues

Hi there,
I am wondering if there is anyway to increase the memory allocation to ImageJ,
It seems to be set at 455MB which is nothing, but the normal way to change it does not work.
I have a work around for what i am doing currently but processing a large dataset would be problematic

Yup, you can do it.
Start CellProfiler with the following switch:
CellProfiler --jvm-heap-size=1024m

(or whatever size you want)

Three other things:

  • You can save memory if you close your ImageJ windows. This can be done using a second run_imagej module in CellProfiler after you’ve retrieved your image using the first.
  • CellProfiler and ImageJ will be more tightly integrated for ImageJ 2.0 plug-ins. Details will be forthcoming. It will save memory.
  • We would appreciate hearing about your use of ImageJ and CellProfiler. It would help with our grant status.