ImageJ HOWTO - Java 8, Java 6, Java 3D

Continuing the discussion from Where to summarize status of Java 8, Java 3D, etc.?:

There is now a Status page, which lists all the News posts of the Status category.

And there is a new status post:

In particular, I would love some feedback from interested people on whether this status post effectively addresses the frecently asked questions about Java 8 and Java 3D.


It would be nice to include some info on the current status of TrakEM2. Since it’s advertised on 4 out of 9 “featured” projects on, users will be disappointed to find out that it is effectively broken in current Fiji downloads.


Thanks for the reminder, @imagejan.

Rather than adding that to the status, though, I am actively working on fixing it. The incompatibilities with the new Java 3D were already fixed—the build just needs some TLC now. And then I’ll test, cut releases and upload. Will keep you all posted.

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