Imagej / HIF1 analysis

Hi all

I’m new to imagej, currently i want to use it to count fluorescently stained cells for HIF1 protein, i found a quit good video on youtube explaining that but what called (macros) has been used before that (make composite) was made as well . when i do this the software doesn’t give the same results that in the video !!
i don’t now what macros is ?? and coundnt find it to install or if its already in the software i don’t think I’ve managed to use it probably.
i really would appreciate if someone can provide me with easy steps to follow as I’m not familiar with programming if it needs so !!

thank you lot

Hi @Reema_Mohammed

Here are some helpful links on Scripting in ImageJ - ie, writing macros:

Hope this helps get you started!

eta :slight_smile: