ImageJ Help: 3GP Video

I am a high school student with absolutely no ImageJ experience. I have video files that are currently .3GP videos I need to bring into the software. My teacher shared them with me via Google Drive and I’ve downloaded them to my Mac. However, every time I try to open the files in ImageJ I get the response, “File is not in a supported format, a reader plugin is not available, or it was not found.”
So I’ve tried converting the files into different formats (.mov, .mp4, .avi) but I’m still having no luck. I keep getting the same message. I’ve even tried using Fiji and various versions of ImageJ. I’ve downloaded several additional plugins as well. (Honestly, I don’t even know what a plugin is)
I tried using a Windows laptop and I’m having the same issues.
I’m not sure if this question has already been addressed somewhere but I’ve been playing around with these files for a while and I’m feeling very discouraged as I have a deadline coming up soon.
Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Have you actually seen the video on some device? It may be that the file is indeed damaged beyond recognition.
If undamaged and visible on a phone, you could try and throw it at miro on your mac.

I’m able to watch the videos on the computer and the phone.
I tried miro but for some reason there’s an error when I try to convert the files on that too. Maybe its because the videos are saved to iCloud and not actually on the computer’s hard drive? I’m not sure how to save them to the actual computer though as the mac just automatically saves things to iCloud.

How big is that file? Put them on a USB stick. Drag and drop on miro also did not work? Error message? Here is another page with helpful hints. VLC Client, ffmpeg and MPEG Streamclip are other tools that may put you on the right track.

I think I may have finally made progress! After a lot of trial and error, I found that using an online gif converter allowed me to bring the videos into ImageJ. I used I found that some gif converters covered the screen with a bunch of black boxes, but this website worked just fine. Thanks so much for your help!